At K&J Mechanical LLC, we offer seasonal maintenance plans developed to identify potential problems before they can negatively impact the performance of your equipment.

Improved Comfort:

Minor performance problems often remain hidden as they degrade indoor comfort and raise annual utility costs. Our mechanics have serviced and repaired every major brand of equipment, and they have an advanced knowledge of the refrigeration cycle. We can maximize the performance of your system so that your home/business stays comfortable with less equipment cycling.

Reduced Repair Costs: Our maintenance plan customers receive a 10% discount on all service calls and they receive priority service.

Energy Savings: When we service your equipment, the system is calibrated back to the manufacturer’s original specifications. If an air conditioner is compromised, it will need to cycle more frequently in order to meet the indoor load requirement. This will raise utility costs and further stress other components in the unit.

Longer Equipment Life: When a HVAC system is properly maintained, it accumulates fewer runtime hours. Internal parts that are obstructed, clogged or dirty must work longer and harder to meet the thermostat call. Seasonal maintenance reduces stress on vital components, which will substantially enhance the lifecycle of your equipment.


Dryer vent cleaning can reduce energy costs, increase the life of the dryer, and reduce the potential for fires. Wet clothes produce moist lint, which adheres to the inner lining of your dryer vents causing an impediment. This obstruction disrupts the exhaust of lint and hot air from the dryer. This will cause a dryer to work harder, operate longer, and eventually damage the internal components, or overheat. If left untreated, fires can occur when this lint builds up in the exhaust ducting.

There were 16,700 clothes dryer fires in one year throughout the U.S., resulting in 430 injuries, 30 deaths and property loss estimated at more than one-half billion dollars. In most of the cases the culprit was lint. (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

How do you know when to clean your dryer vents and ducts?











A lint-clogged dryer can often consume $20 worth of extra electricity every month trying to dry your clothes - so it makes good sense to keep your dryer clean.

Consider the distance: If your dryer exhaust stretches more than a few feet or has bends and turns, it is even more important to keep your ductwork free of blockage. The longer and less direct the path, the harder your dryer must work to move the exhaust air and loose lint.

At K&J Mechanical, we use a variety of state-of-the art pneumatic tools to ensure that the entire path: the dryer itself, the internal vent tubes, and the exhaust cover is free of debris and lint. Ask our technician for recommendations to improve or replace your existing dryer venting. A properly vented dryer lasts longer, works more efficiently, and reduces the risk of fire in the home

  • Loads of clothing will take longer to dry;

  • clothing will be very hot and still damp when dryer finishes (heavy items especially);

  • the dryer itself will feel hotter;

  • there may be NO lint on the lint screen (i.e., the exhaust system is clogged)


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